Drawing Unknown Faces, part 186

20 Jul

This is an inked drawing, based on an underdrawing that in turn was based on a photo I found on the Flickr photo stream.

Drawing Unknown Faces, part 186

I had to do some editing on the scanned image, because some parts that were outlined looked better when not outlined. This is something I still have to learn. When should you put an outline around a shape, and when not. Of course, the outer edges of the head should be outlined (or should they?). Doing it on the inner edges can look strange, especially when the edge isn’t well defined, as is the case with most women. I’m sure that in men, who have more angular features, putting outlines around shapes inside their faces works very well.

It all comes down to anatomy. Where are the boney parts of the face, and where are the soft, fleshy parts? I really should go back to studying Bridgman, or similar, to extend my grasp of the human face and body.

That is all.

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