More Tweetbird designs

20 Jul

I had so much fun drawing these sketches of a little bird called Tweetbird. The idea of Tweetbird was born out of the bland designs you can download for free from the Internet. If you want a “real” design, you obviously have to pay for it. Since I guess I’m somewhat more skilled in drawing than the average Twitter user, I decided why not draw a better bird myself, one that could be used in a simple comic strip.

More Tweetbird designs
This bird is all over the place, drinks a lot, and has to sleep it off.

So there you have it. I think the birdie needs more work, and some pals for him to interact with. At this moment, the character is still all over the place. Sometimes he’s a seagull, other times he’s a blue Blackbird. Consistency is key when you want to draw a comic strip.

That is all.

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