Jerzy Drozd

21 Jul

One of my favorite podcasts is Art & Story, hosted by Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph. Jerzy is always cheerful and enthusiastic, while Mark is more reserved and calm. This dastardly duo tries to promote comics creation to the masses, by creating comics, teaching comics, and podcasting about comics. If it has something to do with comics, it is something both Jerzy and Mark can get excited about.

I’m quite pleased how the drawing turned out. It portrays quite precisely how I see Jerzy when I listen to the podcast. He is smart, witty and has attention for detail. The reference photo didn’t show that, I added those qualities subconsciously while sketching.

Jerzy Drozd

This drawing started as a colored pencil drawing, which I redid with Microns for the thin lines and dip pen for the thicker lines (two strokes thick). After scanning and cleaning I retouched some of the lines. The nose wing I had to redo completely, because it didn’t look much like the old reference photo I found on Google Image search. Both pupils were also redone digitally, for the same reason; they looked wrong.

I haven’t worked much with the dip pen, and my hand isn’t very steady (which can be correctly in an image editor), but at least I don’t get the inkblots I got a few weeks ago. You just have to be very careful not to load too much ink on your dip pen, just enough to ink 4 or 5 cm.

Art & Story will have its 100th episode next week. I’ve heard it is going to be a memorable episode, especially if you’re into independently created comics. Don’t miss it. Of course, it will always be there for you to listen to as a podcast, even if you read this post many months after the fact. That is the beauty of podcasting compared to live radio.

That is all.

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