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Drawing with the reed pen

22 Jul

This ink sketch started as a color pencil underdrawing. I inked the character with a Micron pen, after which I tried to draw with a reed pen and Indian ink. The lettering was done ad hoc, without any preparation.
Drawing with a reed pen

While it seemed impossible at first to prevent big inkblots, after a while you know what to look for. If you see a big ink droplet on the tip of the reed pen, you remove that using the neck of the ink bottle as a removal tool. Your expectation of how much control you have over an inking tool should be adjusted, because you have almost none. You can’t be subtle and fiddly, use broad strokes instead.

The other thing is that this technique consumes a lot more ink than the metal dip pen, and the paper should be able to deal with large quantities of ink. My paper wasn’t and ink had leaked through on the other side of the page. As a temporary solution I put a piece of old newspaper in my sketchbook, to prevent further leakage and spoiling even more pages (two pages cannot be used for drawing because of the ink spills).

You have to dip the reed in completely, to load it with enough ink. You have to watch carefully for droplets on the tip, and the pen have to be pressed firmly on the paper before the ink starts to flow.

It is a hassle, the result is crude, but I like the things you can do with it.

That is all.