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Reed pen cartoon, part 3

23 Jul

One of my cats came walking in my living room and was kind of perky. She clearly wanted attention from me, so I gave her some. She isn’t easy to draw, because she’s rather shy, even for a cat. So when she in a sharing mood, I take advantage of that by drawing her. She doesn’t mind, because she just wants to be close to me.

Reed pen cartoon, part 3

As you can see, there is one sketch that was made from life, the others are from imagination. I hope my imaginary work will improve over time, and surpass my life drawing work. At this moment, I’m not there yet.

The reed pen is now clearly broken in. I still need to be careful when too much ink collects at the tip, but it doesn’t happen as often as it did yesterday. The lettering is interesting too. The word “Natasha” was drawn with colored pencil first and inked later. All the other lettering was more spontaneous, without underdrawing.

You might think this is free entertainment, but in fact I do have to pay for kitty chow and dispose of their “dirty work” somehow. And mind you, it’s not like they perform on command, even less for monetary reward. Cats seem to have no concept of money; they just consume it. It’s up to their owners to take care of what they need, and pay dearly for what cats think is a commodity.

The life of a pampered pet is so easy, unlike that of who is doing the pampering. You have to love cats, otherwise it is the first thing you’re going to neglect, as we can see in the animal shelters, that are filled to the brim with cats and dogs right now. Summer vacation has started and some people haven’t thought about what to do with their pets when they are away from home. Boarding homes are full, and all friends and relative are on vacation as well.

I just decided to skip the idea of going on vacation. I’d be thinking of my cats all the time anyway, and not enjoy being away from home in some exotic location.

That is all.

Even more reed pen drawing

23 Jul

I decided to give my reed pen another go. Who knows, perhaps a reed pen needs to be used regularly before you can use it more reliably (breaking it in, so to speak).

Even more reed pen drawing

And guess what? It indeed needs breaking in. The pen hadn’t been used for I don’t know how many months, and even then I didn’t really use it properly, because it was so frustrating to use. However, as you can see from my second attempt, especially in the dog, the result can be spectacular.

Experienced inkers among you probably already knew that you need to treat your tools with respect and do proper preparations before using it on actual work you’re going to present to others. I’m not an experienced inker. I’m not even an experienced artist. I just learn things by trial and error, hoping it somehow works for me.

That is all.