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Prinses Leia as a slave girl

25 Jul

Ok, you caught me with my pants down, so to speak. I’m not strong enough to keep something secret for a long time. And I like sharing my stuff. As long as it isn’t for a paid assignment, I’m free to put it online anyway.

Slave Leia, first rough sketch

Of course, the drawing is still very rough. Especially the clothing isn’t very on model. I like the overall style, though, mixing a cartoony style with a more realistic style.. Now I have to find a way to make what I had in my head real, and go beyond it, so I can knock your socks off.

Well, for now, baby steps, baby steps. I’m getting there, it just takes a little longer than it would take someone under thirty.

I redid the same drawing from memory. I tried to find the big shapes that make up this pose. This way I hope to learn how to draw the same character in other poses. To show some of my process, I’ve left some of the underdrawing in the sketch.

Slave Leia, part 2

I guess it is going back and forth with drawing from a reference and drawing from imagination, until you’re satisfied with the result and know how to draw the pose by heart. It is a lot of work, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows from experience how cartoon drawings are made.

That is all.

Cartoon heads and hairdos

25 Jul

To prepare myself for a larger piece I will do later today, I drew these cartoon faces. I got the basic face from a Dutch poster promoting 55 years of Men on the Moon (in comics that is). I think I can use this simplistic style, which turned out not be simple at all.

So I started with a simple round head, and developed a hairdo for it. I didn’t realize at that point what that hair was that partially hide the eyebrows.

cartoon heads, part 1

I also experimented with both male and female variants of the same design. Notice that in the woman in the right bottom I accidentally drew that piece of hair I mentioned earlier correctly. According to Wikipedia it is called a fringe (hair cut short and hanging over the forehead) or bangs (American English). The curling of the hair should be made clear by the inner lines in that area of the hairdo. Those don’t always run straight down, but can be slanted as well. However (stylized) you draw them, they should always have a slight curve visible in them.

cartoon heads, part 2

Next, I tried to overdo the woman’s hairdo, and see how far I could go. I think this even isn’t the most extreme I could go.

cartoon heads, part 3

Then I tried some other hairdos, finding where the illusion break. The top right could be real, but the bottom left is rather unrealistic.

cartoon heads, part 4

I think I know enough for now to try and draw the piece. I’m keeping that a secret, so you’ll have to come back and see. The only thing I can see that it is going to be a lot of work.

That is all.

Don’t break the bank

25 Jul

This is an attempt to combine a comedic text with an equally comedic drawing.

Don't break the bank

The drawing was made with both a Micron and a dip pen, using Indian ink as an inking medium. After scanning, I did some clean up and filled the drawing with color.

That is all.