Prinses Leia as a slave girl

25 Jul

Ok, you caught me with my pants down, so to speak. I’m not strong enough to keep something secret for a long time. And I like sharing my stuff. As long as it isn’t for a paid assignment, I’m free to put it online anyway.

Slave Leia, first rough sketch

Of course, the drawing is still very rough. Especially the clothing isn’t very on model. I like the overall style, though, mixing a cartoony style with a more realistic style.. Now I have to find a way to make what I had in my head real, and go beyond it, so I can knock your socks off.

Well, for now, baby steps, baby steps. I’m getting there, it just takes a little longer than it would take someone under thirty.

I redid the same drawing from memory. I tried to find the big shapes that make up this pose. This way I hope to learn how to draw the same character in other poses. To show some of my process, I’ve left some of the underdrawing in the sketch.

Slave Leia, part 2

I guess it is going back and forth with drawing from a reference and drawing from imagination, until you’re satisfied with the result and know how to draw the pose by heart. It is a lot of work, but that shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows from experience how cartoon drawings are made.

That is all.

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