Slave Leia, part 5

27 Jul

Here is another attempt to draw that great fictional character from the Star Wars universe, Leia, as a slave girl. This seems to be a popular subject among comics convention going photographers, which is fortunate, because it makes it so easy for me to get a variety of pictures of people cosplaying in front of the camera.

And I like the subject matter, not because of visual stimulation and obvious sex appeal of a scantily clad hot girl, but because of the beautiful design of the character, and the imaginative way people interpret the original costume of the movie. Anyway, if you want to get good at drawing Slave Leia, you have to step over the initial titillation and see the beauty of the lines and the design, otherwise you can’t draw her properly. Drawing is about putting lines on paper, not about salivating. I don’t draw with my tongue. At least, I don’t think I do.

Slave Leia, part 5

Of course, I you happen to like my drawings, because they make you feel good, don’t hesitate to come back. I really appreciate when others appreciate my art. Thanks!

The drawing was sketched as an underdrawing first in blue lead, inked with rollerball pen, scanned, cleaned up, and digitally colored in GIMP.

That is all.

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