With great freedom comes great responsibility

28 Jul

Steps to Freedom

Originally uploaded by coruscantcouture

I used this photo as my reference for a new drawing. It has the title “Steps to Freedom”. I took the liberty to change the perspective. However, you have to think it through some more, otherwise you end up with an unusable drawing, like the one below.

Slave Leia, part 7

I can see why the photographer has chosen his point of view. He wanted all of Leia and her weapon to be in view. In the perspective I have chosen for my sketch, that is not really possible without making Leia really small (or draw on a very large piece of paper. There is a logic to picking a camera angle. As a draftsman you have the freedom to pick your own angle, but I guess you can’t just pick any angle. It has to make sense.

That is all.

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