Life drawing

30 Jul

I did some life drawing at a small local outdoor music festival. I was a bit nervous, but no-one seemed to notice me. I was tucked away at the back and mostly drew people from behind. I need to get over that shyness.

Life drawing, part 1

This first drawing took 4 – 5 minutes to make. The people in the shot weren’t standing next to each other. I picked them from the (thin) crowd and put them there. The stage with musicians was more of a quick impression than a real sketch.

I used a cheap red pencil I bought today for only 23 Euro cents, and I inked at home with a dip pen used for writing. The size of the sketchbook was A5 (148.5 x 210 mm).

Here are some sketches I made of the audience. I used the same process of putting people next to each other that were never actually next to each other.

Life drawing, part 2

Life drawing, part 3

As you probably can imagine I was quite nervous at first, but after the first drawing I got the hang of it, and actually started to like it. Even so, I stopped after three drawings, so I’d stay fresh. The last two sketches were each made in 3 minutes tops, while people weren’t really standing still. So it was a lot of training of my visual memory, and restricting myself to the essentials. The funny thing was, though, that I started most people with their heads.

That is all.

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