Life drawing, part 4

31 Jul

So I decided to draw some children on the playground behind my flat from my balcony. I’m somewhat shielding by a large tree, so I can spy on who’s on the playground without attracting too much attention. It also means I’ll get two or three second glimpses of people, so I have to be very attentive and instantly see the most important characteristics of a pose.

Life drawing, part 4

Children are just like grown-ups, only without the hesitation. They are still so sure of themselves, because they haven’t been slapped down by life experience. It’s the innocence of youth. This same youthful attitude helps them to gather lots of friends, which is important. Lots of life long connections are formed. They don’t know it yet, but they are going to need each and every of those connections if they want to succeed in later life. It is something teenagers do instinctively, but there is a good sociological reason for it as well.

That is all.

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