Life drawing with the local Pétanque club

1 Aug

So I went for a hike to the local place where people go for a stroll. It happened that the local Pétanque club was playing ball there.

Life drawing, part 5Life drawing, part 6Life drawing, part 7Life drawing, part 8Life drawing, part 9

It didn’t take long for someone spotting I was drawing them. Luckily for me I had my iPod playing, so I didn’t mind too much. Whatever the case, I wasn’t as relaxed as the previous time with the music. I even noticed that was looking more at the paper than at what I was drawing. After I corrected that, it went surprisingly well.

Even so, I stopped after a few pages, because I had enough. Also, people were walking too much for my current skill level, so I couldn’t really study their poses.

That is all.

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