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Life drawing, parts 10 through 12

2 Aug

I penciled some more people walking by. I must be slow, because when I finally had drawn them, they were but a spec in the distance. Anyway, after an hour or so of drawing I had this to show for.

Life drawing, part 10Life drawing, part 11Life drawing, part 12

Mind you, these sketches are faint pencil sketches which I have leveled with GIMP, so you are able to see what I have drawn.

I see that I’m still very insecure and need to find big shapes faster, make life drawings in a few seconds instead of minutes. Broad, precise strokes is what I’m after. Ah well, practice makes perfect, so I’ll keep trying.

That is all.

Character design, part 2

2 Aug

So this book by Tom Bancroft, called Creating Characters with Personality is giving me all kinds of ideas how to create stronger drawings. What you don’t want is bland drawings, that evoke no special appeal or message. It also means that you need to have a good idea of what you’re going to draw in your head, and not just draw because you can.
Character design, part 2

I guess it is clear from the drawing above what was my inspiration for drawing Princess Blandy (with her pompons on the sides of her head) , Look Allthumbs, and the one who has a dark patchy thingy on his cape, Lord Dork Mannor. Of course, you should always use your fork.

I’m sure I could make this much stronger. According to Bancroft there are two types of character designers, those who design new characters (which he calls blue sky designers), and those who refine characters which were made by the blue sky designers (which he calls character polishers). Most character designers are one or the other, a designer who can do both is rare.

Anyway, the book tries to teach you on what to concentrate, so you don’t waste your time on things you don’t want to create. As always (and Bancroft agrees with me on this in his preface), there are many ways to skin a cat. Furthermore he is a character designer for animation, and writes that, for him, drawing American mainstream comic book characters is exhausting, because of all the detail you put in those characters. I guess that means you have to interpret his words, and translate the ideas behind to what applies to your particular craft, for instance comic books.

I think once I have done the exercises in this book, I will write a review and publish it here.

That is all.