Character design, part 6

4 Aug

This was my first drawing of the day after a night’s sleep. The drawing was first done in red colored pencil, inked with rollerball pen, scanned, cleaned up, and colored digitally in GIMP.

Character design, part 6

Last week I bought a different brand than I normally use for a sketchpad. The advantage is that it doesn’t leak through ink as much as the other paper, which is also a disadvantage, because the ink doesn’t dry as fast and can smear if you go over it. Besides that, it is much more expensive and you can see even the faintest drawing on pages underneath it, like it is almost transparent.

Now about the art. The woman’s head was drawn on the basis of a rectangle. Of course the edges were rounded, because a woman’s body is just that, well rounded. The first thought is to begin with an oval, but as you see, using an unconventional shape as a basis can give less predictable designs.

Today I’ve planned to lend a magazine from my local public library. Hopefully I will be able to learn something about fashion, by drawing the women in the magazine showing off the latest trends in fashion. Don’t expect too much though, because I’m after all from Mars, trying to explore this blue hot planet somewhat closer to the Sun than Earth. I know nothing about it, which kinda excites me, in a cerebral way. Learning new things is fun, because it opens up new avenues for exploration.

Men like to explore. It is in their blood. It is probably why their heads are so empty. Thusly, it can be filled with new impressions and new knowledge. What is deemed useful is remembered; what’s less useful is immediately forgotten. Men are practical beings, in most cases. Seeing is believing. What one cannot see, does not exist.

Enough male stereotyping for now.

That is all.

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