Character design, part 7

5 Aug

I drew this sketch from imagination. The legs are a bit too long for comfort, as is her left hand. I need to do some sketching based on reference photos to get this right. Her right hand isn’t particularly graceful. The general idea is there, though. Fashion photos seem to be pinups of dynamic poses, trying to evoke a certain mood to go with the presentation of the clothes and accessories.

Character design, part 7

The article I mentioned yesterday which was touted on the cover of the fashion magazine as being about the relationship between age and fashion turned out to be another article altogether. Women of different ages were asked for their psychological profile (a psychologist was asked to comment and put into perspective). All very interesting, but it has nothing to do with fashion, what people wear, and why.

I guess that means I should just study those photos, and look past all the frowning and posing of those fashion pinups. If someone smiles, and the eyebrows are low in the face, I know it is a forced smile, posed in front of a camera. The same applies to all those women who are frowning to make them appear more authoritative and idyllic.

The latter is funny, because most young women don’t seem to have idols anymore, and are more about self-expression than following some leader in pop culture or elsewhere. Still, fashion magazines keep using those photos which assume some form of idolization. No wonder they are struggling to survive. The fashion magazines are still top-down, while the modern generation is much more bottom-up. A social networking website about fashion would be more appropriate to capture the attention of the Internet generation.

That is all.

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