Character design, part 8

5 Aug

Character design, part 8The trick of fashion drawing doesn’t seem to be very exact, but rather to leave a lot of room for interpretation. I guess this applies to fashion photography as well.

While the drawing on the right might not seem very artistic, it is the coloring which gives the strong feeling that a mood is being conveyed. The woman wears somewhat sloppy clothing (one shoulder is bare, while the other is covered), almost tramp-like (the sturdy brown shoes and the hat). The necklace gives her back her feminine look, as does the bracelet. It is this ambiguity of gender and social status that gives the tension to this pose, and forces people to look closer. The age-old questions are being asked: “Is it a boy or a girl,” and: “Is she rich or is she poor?”

As you can see, I’m trying to find out what makes fashion drawing tick. I’m still in the naiveté stage, in which I have more questions than answers, and the answers I do have, might not be generally applicable.

That is all.

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