Character design, part 13

6 Aug

Character design, part 13This drawing is based on a photo in a fashion magazine. It was penciled, inked, scanned, cleaned up, painted in Art Rage 2, and retouched in GIMP.

I wanted to do some cel-shading in Art Rage, but I thought it would become too crafted if I did that. A more flat coloring goes much better with my current limited drawing skills.

When I made this blog post (using ecto), I thought about leaving lots of white space, to give my drawing some room for breathing. I could have done that by centering the drawing in its own paragraph, but the design wasn’t really suited for that. The right aligned version is much better, while the little bit of text gives the impression it is part of the whole post. I even had to go back to my already uploaded jpeg and change the background into pure white.

That goes to show that knowing a little bit of html and css, together with Google Search can help you to craft a blog post so, that it stands out a bit from the rest (your own, and other people’s blog posts). I guess I’ll have to do some more page design, of course within the boundaries of the editing engine. I’m sure that most people who post on this service could do a lot more than they are doing right now, if they had the time and inclination to do so.

Perhaps I should mention that I did some limited page layout for a Dutch cat fanciers magazine for a year, for which I had to study the art and craft of book and magazine layout and markup in QuarkXPress. I wasn’t really good at it, but I at least grasped the concepts. When the World Wide Web became popular in the late 1990s, I naturally transferred to that medium. However with the advent of content management systems I lost track a bit. It is hard nowadays to know everything about online publishing. There are many specialists involved, and luckily, you don’t have to know it all anymore, as you had to in the early days of the Web.

That is all.

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