Scruffy dog, part 3

9 Aug

I guess there is no better gift for a young child than a sweet puppy dog (or an equally sweet kitten). It isn’t a toy, and you can’t leave it to its own devices. It needs care and attention to stay healthy. Yet the care for a pet is much less complicated than the care for a human infant.

Scruffy dog, part 3

So drawing this young pet allows me to get rid of the frustration that my parents didn’t believe in that, because of one (yes one) bad experience. One of my older brothers even developed a fear of cats from that experience. My parents fetched a kitten from the street, to try it out, but it was too feral to be kept in home. Mom and dad had no other choice than to let go of the kitten after it had clawed one of my brothers and made him cry. Even today, forty years later, he is still afraid of cats. I have to lock my cats away when and if he visits me.

Ah well, once I was an adult, I picked my own kitten, and he was so easy to deal with. If you took him in your hands, back down, paws up, he purred himself to sleep. He kept doing that in my arms until the day I had to put him to sleep, for good, because his body was too weak to sustain him any longer.

Although we have many pets after the first, we never forget our first pets. They have a special place in our hearts. So, parents who decide to get a pet for their children, let that first family pet be a special pet for a loving home. Don’t get your first pet from the street, rationalizing that way it will cost you nothing. Nothing good can come from that.

That is all.

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