Scruffy dog

9 Aug

Inspired by the Preston Blair cartoon drawings of yesterday, I decided to draw some dogs from reference photos. Because the first cartoon in Preston Blair’s book was some kind of mutt, I decided to look for “scruffy dog” on Flickr, using zFlick as my search application.

Here is the first sketch, which I found quite fun to do, although the dog would fall over if he’d really would stand like that.

Scruffy dog, part 1

Taking that into account, I drew another scruffy dog.

Scruffy dog, part 2

I even shot a time-lapse movie of it while I was drawing it. The movie was made with my Canon ixus digital camera on a tripod (zoomed in on my sketchpad), using Apple iMovie as my movie editor and MPEG Streamclip to convert the Quicktime movie into H.264 for YouTube.

I dread making those time-lapse recordings, because they eat a lot of time out of your day, which I’d rather spend drawing. I wanted to show you how I’m drawing, though, so I guess that is why I did it.

That is all.

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