Getting too technical, skipping too far ahead

10 Aug

Sometimes you can get caught up by the technical side of drawing, and loose some of that spontaneity that makes drawing so attractive. You think if I do that, that and that, the result will be awesome. But it doesn’t work like that. You have to weigh each step beforehand, and decide if it will bring you closer to the end result. If you just mindlessly do the steps, one after the other, the result will most likely be not what you wanted, or what you intended. That is what kind of happened here.  While I was sketching, I didn’t think it through, but barged in too soon. Subtlety is not one of my strong points, it seems. Knowing that, I must stop after each step and consider what step to take next. Big ideas and shapes first, smaller inner shapes later, always trying to restate your drawing, thinking it through visually.

Getting too technical

I tried to salvage the drawing by manipulating it in GIMP. I really should have torn up the sketch and started all over.

That is all.

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