Drawing a cougar, part 3

12 Aug

So this is the eighth attempt to draw from the same reference photo. This isn’t much better than the previous attempt, though. Of course, I’ve done some enhancements to make it look better, to have at least some benefit from it.

Cougar, part 3

I need superior knowledge.

Still, I did try to visualize the skeletal muscles on the beast, plus indicate where I think the bones press outwards, revealing a hint of the inner structure. I also used a Micron pen to darken the most important lines, and to give it a more illustrative/cartoony look.

In real life there are no lines, only boundaries between colored surfaces, which we perceive as lines. So if an artist adds lines more prominently, he pushes his artwork towards to iconographic representation. The ultimate iconographic representation are, of course, words. The written language is the most condensed representation of thoughts and ideas, requiring the observer to become a reader, someone who relives the thoughts of the author.

Even so, I still need superior knowledge. Because I don’t have an art teacher, I must use books. Let’s see if those books offer me a different perspective, something I haven’t thought of.

That is all.

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