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Rodeo horse sketch, part 2

16 Aug

So, if you look for the keyword “horse” on Flickr, you will find a lot of rodeo horses there. So why not make good use of that when drawing horses? Those poses are generally spectacular and inspire to create great sketches anyway.

Rodeo horse sketch, part 2

This sketch was first drawn with a carpenters pencil, with a rectangular “point”, a chisel-point. The hardness of this pencil is in the H-range, so not very suited for art drawing. Nevertheless, I like the broad point of this pencil, which allows you to fill large areas rather quickly. The blackness isn’t very impressive though.

Now this isn’t really any problem with a computer, because you can manipulate the faint pencil markings so, that they appear as ink markings (well sort of). I also added some color to make it more appealing.

That is all.