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More animal sketches

19 Aug

If you don’t have much time (for instance because you’re busy studying Objective-C and preparing yourself to start some iPhone programming), you should really set apart some time for things like drawing. If you don’t do that, you soon lose interest and the skill gets slowly lost over time. We don’t want that.

So whenever I have time and opportunity, I grab my sketchpad and start drawing. I’ve discovered it is best to have some audio in your ears, preferably an audio podcast, or an audio book, so your conscious mind is busy parsing that. The hard work (drawing) should be done by the “low-level” part of your brain anyway.

The problem if you judge your efforts too soon, you only see flaws and can’t see past the imperfections.

So, here are two life drawings of one of my cats, with a carpenter’s pencil and darkened afterwards on the computer.

Cats, part 19

Cats, part 20

Later on the day I made two sketches based on illustrations from the book The Art of Animal Drawing. Again, they aren’t great, but they are practice.

Horse Skeleton, part 4

Horse Skeleton, part 5

So there is a logic behind this madness. As long as you keep drawing with some effort of trying to improve, you will get better. It is all about taking on challenges that are just out of reach, but by trying to get nearer, you will improve. It is frustrating at times, but it is the only proven method I know of.

That is all.