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Gymnastics drawings

22 Aug

I wanted to use my experience of drawing animals to drawing people. Now you could argue that humans are a kind of animal, but there is a difference. We are very acute to notice “mistakes” in presenting humans in a drawing, because we have had a lifetime of observing the human body and what it can do. So the standard of excellence of the artist has to be higher if a human is drawn.

Gymnastics, part 1

Of course, artists are human being too. These drawings were tough to make, because of the unusual poses of the sportswomen.

Gymnastics, part 2

I can see I need a lot of practice before I’m able to draw such poses from direct observation instead of from a photo. I tried to use “through-lines” to setup the sketch, but saw myself going back to copying the photo, instead of using it as a reference.

That is all.