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Drawing my cat, part 21

23 Aug

While my eyesight is slowly degrading because of aging, I decided to make a fast sketch of one of my cats, while she was lazily lying on the dining room table. I didn’t use my reading glasses, but kept it rough and imprecise on purpose, trying to capture what I saw instead of what I recognized. I wanted to capture the naive notion of seeing something, before we process it into something we put into a box, and say it is this or that. “Fresh eyes” it is called if I’m not mistaken.

Cats, part 21

Seeing the world with fresh eyes, without the baggage of knowledge can be so liberating. It frees us from preconception, from judgment on the basis of past experience, whether or not that experience is based on facts or on assumptions or even suggestions by others. Seeing past the symbols is perhaps the hardest thing you can ask of a human.

The question may rise how one should do such a thing. Well, it takes practice, of course, and dedication, naturally, but foremost it requires you to want to cast off your experience, especially your feelings, and dispassionately observe something, concentration of the form. Neither want it or dislike it, just do it.

That is all.