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Drawing unknown faces, part 187

25 Aug

Slowly losing inspiration, I decided to pick up where I left on my drawing unknown faces series. However, I did it with a twist. I used a soft pencil with a chisel point (for variation in line width), and tried to draw with broad markings, caricaturing style.

Drawing unknown faces, part 187

If I’m ever going to draw people I should be able to put them on paper in a few minutes. That is about all people have patience for when they’re not being paid as a model, I guess.

I bought a book about caricature (Face Off, by Harry Hamernik), with good tips on street drawing. Before you go on the street practice single features until you’ve mastered them, use a permanent medium, and draw with clear, firm strokes. You want to have a resemblance in as few lines as possible. To become that efficient, you have to practice, practice and practice.

That is all.