Learning how to make a caricature

26 Aug

So I need to learn to draw with more vigor and precision. If you draw people passing by, you have a few minutes at most to draw them. This means you should have no problems drawing faces in front, 3/4 and side view. The typical nervous, investigative line should be replaced by a firm and definite line.

Here’s the third sheet of my drawing exercises. Mind you that I just started these exercises.

Learning how to make a caricature

I hope this will help me to draw animals and fashion models in magazines better. Having a clear idea, separating the wheat from the chaff, is the best way to make a clear sketch, and ultimately a clear drawing. This is all-important if you want to raise the overall level of your art. That, and understanding the underlying structure of what you see (on the outside).

I’m starting to appreciate the chisel point on my wood encased pencil. It allows you to both draw fine and thick(er) lines. I’m sure the Dixon Markette markers, so praised by American caricaturists, are the best ones around, but I can’t get to them from where I live (Netherlands). I’m trying alternatives and I’ll tell you about one of those once it has arrived by mail order.

That is all.

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