Learning how to make a caricature, part 2

27 Aug

Learning to see the most essential features of someone isn’t easy. You need to study them while they are moving, and think what jumps out. So I watch a bit of TWiT Live to get inspiration. It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted, but it’s a start.

Learning how to draw a caricature, part 2

I tried to use as few lines as possible. Only one of them sort of resembles Leo Laporte. I’m sure that after a few sessions I’ll get better at it.

And what is so special about Leo? What are his mannerisms? Well, the corners of his mouth curl in a certain way when he’s thinking how to reply to someone talking. Also, his eyes are relatively small, and his mouth equally small, giving him a more youthful look. That has nothing to do with mannerisms, but it is something which you should catch in a drawing as well. Not that I’m anywhere in the neighborhood of that description in my sketches.

I guess I will be watching some online video in the time to come to sharpen my powers of observations.

That is all.

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