Drawing my cat, part 22

30 Aug

In the book about caricature (“Face Off”), the author writes:

Draw anything and everything.

Now that was a good hint for me to start drawing things in my environment. How about my lovely three-colored cat? She is much more friendly to me with age, and is starting to have the nice disposition of the cat I think is her mother. I caught that cat, brought her to my local animal shelter on the first workday of 2008, as my good deed for that year. Apart from the 100 euros I gave (which could be used to spay her, and house her until she found a new owner), I have never been much involved with the animal shelter, before or after.

Drawing my cats, part 22

So there she is, in all her feline splendor. I tried to use strong lines and concentrate on the overall impression. The sketch was made in less than 10 minutes with an HB pencil lead with a chisel point. The chisel point gives me a much more expressive line than the needlepoint most people prefer for their pencils. Or perhaps they aren’t aware that one can give all kinds of alternative shapes to the business part of a pencil.

That is all.

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