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More from YouTube, part 4

1 Sep

Searching for a somewhat more robust style to draw in, I used this video on YouTube as a target practice. It didn’t come out as strong as I hoped for, but it is a lot stronger than I used to sketch.

More from YouTube, part 4

The sketch was done in HB pencil lead with a point in the form of a chisel. I think this gives me much more expressive lines in one swoop over the paper than multiple scratches with a sharp, round point.

I think it is best to find an entry point into your sketch and drawing. What is it that you want to show? If you can describe that in as few words as possible, you have half finished you drawing without even putting a mark on the paper. In this case, a few words say more than a few hours of fruitless drawing. If you know where you’re going for, it is much easier not to go the wrong way.

That is all.