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First drawing experiments with a brush pen

2 Sep

Today I receive my PITT artist pen big brush (black 199), made by Faber-Castell. Well, I ordered for of these, because the minimum order for mail delivery was 20 Euros. The black brush pens are filled with Indian ink and therefore waterproof.

I ordered the large size on purpose, because I want to use strong lines for my sketches. There is also a pen of the same brand which has a smaller tip size, but that would have the disadvantage that I could fiddle on the page. With the large size you can’t fiddle. You can vary the line width somewhat –which was why I ordered the pens in the first place– but not enough to let you draw small details. That was a bit frustrating when I sketched the woman in the dress. I guess when I’m used to this medium, I’ll have found a way around this limitation.

I used YouTube and freeze-framed some videos to use them to draw the people in the frame.

More YouTube, part 5

More YouTube, part 6

More YouTube, part 7

More YouTube, part 8

At first I wasn’t very impressed, because I could still compare it to the video capture. However, after having digitized and cleaned up the drawings, I kind of like them.

The variation in the line width is less than with a real brush, but on the other hand, there is the convenience of the marker. No more spilling of ink or inkblots because the pen was caught by the paper.

That is all.