Today’s harvest

9 Sep

I didn’t want to show you this drawing yesterday, because I thought it was so horrible. However, after a night’s sleep, I think it isn’t that bad.

Felicia Day with color

Something I drew today is this “cartoon”. I saw a thumbnail on the cover of my tv guide, and decided to draw the people in it with the brush pen.


Something I like to do, is trying to draw my cats. They are always with me (when I’m at home), so they are kind of important to me. I guess I’m equally important to them, being their provider of food and attention.

Drawing my cats, part 24

Cats can be so mysterious, because they lack the facial muscles we human have. Those give us the expression which are clues to our inner thoughts. No idea what the inner thoughts of my cats are. It isn’t like we can ask them, is it? That leave plenty of room for interpretation by the human observer.

That is all.

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