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More caricature drawing practice

13 Sep

I promised myself to go back to the book about drawing caricatures. The book itself suggested to draw the features of the face again and again. So after an hour of doing that, using Flickr photos as my models, I decided to draw this Asian woman for real. So it isn’t a caricature per se, but it is using quick drawing techniques you need to create a caricature.

More caricature drawing practice

I know, I know, I need oodles more practice than this pathetic small collection of scratches on paper I’ve been doing until now. A few hours is clearly not enough. A few hundred sounds much better. So I’ll keep banging on my art, hoping on a break-through.

I only wished I could kick myself for doing such a bad job at drawing, and that it actually would help me make better drawings.

That is all.