Tom Richmond’s MAD Blog

19 Sep

Tom Richmond has a good tutorial on how to create caricatures, both for the (budding) quick draw and studio caricaturists. It is part of the MAD website. I could use some of his tips (but I haven’t read through all the five parts he has posted so far) to improve my own drawings immediately.

According to Tom, a good caricature should have three distinct qualities:

  • likeness — if people can’t see who it is supposed to be, the caricature is no good
  • exaggeration — exaggerating the features is what makes a caricature different from a straight portrait
  • statement — the artist has to add something specific to the drawing that say something about what the artist thinks or wants to convey about the person

Of course, there is much more to this tutorial, and I invite you to read if for yourself.

That is all.

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