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Jim Lujan caricature

20 Sep

A few minutes ago I saw on Twitter Mark Rudolph of the Art & Story podcast congratulating Jim Lujan with his birthday. After a quick search on Wikipedia, I found his birthdate. He turned 40 today!

If there was ever a reason to draw my first real caricature, it was now. This is the best I can do at this moment, but I think it turned out great. I used A4 (210 x 297 mm) format printing paper and a Faber-Castell PITT artist pen big brush in roughly 10 minutes. It needed to be fast, so I could still congratulate Jim before the day ended in my neck of the woods.

Jim Lujan turns 40!

I only hope he likes the caricature.

That is all.


More caricature drawing preparation, part 10 – Jerry Lee Lewis – Great Balls Of Fire

20 Sep

This project started with this YouTube video.

Here are the first few rough sketches I did, based on a freeze frame.

More caricature prep, part 010 (version 1)More caricature prep, part 010 (version 2)More caricature prep, part 010 (version 3)More caricature prep, part 010 (version 4)

At this point I wanted to think about what I had done, and what needed to be improved.

What I saw that I still have a lot of problems with how the features look and where they are put on the head. It seemed something impossible to solve. Nevertheless, I tried, using all the resources I had at my disposal. And if you get stuck on one person, it may be time to temporarily try another person, and then return to get a fresh perspective.

So, I did just that. I took 10 sheets of A3 paper, folded them in half, so I got 20 pages of A4 format, which I filled with stylized drawings based on magazine photographs. Here are number 1, 19 and 20.

More caricature prep, part 10 (version 5)More caricature prep, part 10 (version 6)More caricature prep, part 010 (version 7)

In the first 16 drawings I put a T for the eyes and nose, as described in the excellent article about caricature by Tom Richmond, How to Draw Caricatures: Relationship of Features. It was tedious work, and to be honest, not my favorite way to pass time. However, my drawings got better, especially after hour-long breaks, doing something completely different. The drawings are still a bit off, and I think I’ll need hours upon hours of drawing before I get the drawings “on model”.

So, having a feeling where to put that T and what form it has (and how it changes shape, depending on the distance between the eyes and the length of the nose). As one would expect, drawing in perspective throws you off, because of foreshortening, and lack of experience in where the face bends towards the back of the head.

After that interlude, back to Jerry Lee Lewis and Great Balls Of Fire.

More caricature prep, part 10 (version 8)

Right… It is better, but not dramatically better. I guess you can’t expect that after a day’s work, when big improvements happen in small increments over the course of many years.

That is all.

More caricature drawing preparation, part 9

20 Sep

For this drawing, I picked the background image of Madonna’s YouTube page as a reference. I made her a slight caricature of her face and body, to hopefully avoid any nasty lawsuits.

More caricature prep, part 9

I used three layers. The layer with the coloring on the bottom, on top of that the layer with the inked drawing, with the white color removed and on top of that a layer with 80 percent transparency and everything black that not white in the scanned inked drawing, if effect darkening the marker drawing.

That is all.