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Copic markers have arrived

25 Sep

So my Copic Ciao markers arrived by mail order, and I couldn’t resist trying them out. I only ordered the colors that are useful for coloring faces, so clothing and such have to be done with these colors as well, for now.

I only used a few colors on this sketch. Except the black from the Faber-Castell markers, I used E00, E11 and E35 for the face and ears, R20 and E35 for the lips and R20 and E04 for the shirt, if I recall correctly. I guess I should develop some kind of system to notate which colors I used, so I can refer to it later.

More caricature prep, part 11 (version 13)

After I had done the coloring, I noticed two things:

  1. it is easy to leave white spaces
  2. the color bleeds through the page

The first simply means you have to be meticulous about your coloring and don’t miss a spot, especially with the “foundation color” (the lightest color in the face). The second means you have to put a piece of paper underneath your drawing to prevent it from ruining the paper underneath. One could use thicker paper, but that would only suck marker fluid into the paper, bleaching the color from the surface. I think a disposable piece of paper underneath leads to better result.

That is all.

Imagined versus referenced

25 Sep

I decided to compare how I did pure from imagination versus from a photograph on the computer screen. The subject was laughter. Why? Because this week’s episode of the Art & Story podcast gave me the gift of laughter. I finally understand why Jerzy laughs so much on the show. If you start making stories in your head and come across absurd situations, you can’t help but laugh out loud. I have never laughed so much on one day. Thanks, Jerzy and Mark for pointing me in the right direction towards telling your own comics stories.

More caricature prep, part 11 (version 11)More caricature prep, part 11 (version 12)

Both drawings need a bit of exaggeration, a bit of that absurdity that made me laugh out loud several times. I guess it is the statement caricaturists like to put in their artwork, not to make fun of someone in a harmful way, but to entertain people, make them loose themselves for a brief moment in a situation that is completely outside what we perceive as reality and would classify as preposterous and laughable, but still conforms to logic and reasoning. Humor is a very serious business and requires a lot of thinking on the part of the creator. It has to make sense, but be impossible at the same time. It is this contradiction which gives humor life.

That is all.