Junk drawing

26 Sep

I believe there is great value in so-called junk drawing. You may have heard of sloppy writing, where you write bits and pieces as pearls in a story chain, as they randomly come to you. There is also such a thing as junk writing, where it doesn’t matter what you write, as long as you put words on the page. The idea there is to take away the fear of the blank page. Drawing has equivalents in sketching and doodling. Sketching is visual note taking and doodling is a means to take away the need to make every mark on the paper perfect, the fear of being seen by the outside world as a hack.

Junk drawing

Doodling could be called “junk drawing”. You don’t really care about the outcome or any structure. You just put lines on the paper as they come to you. It may be things you have seen during the day, or even fun designs (like the music logo which I drew several times).

The value is that you free your mind. You don’t have any responsibility to fulfill, only a page to fill with fun doodles. It’s like a walk in the park, fun to do, but it doesn’t have a real purpose. Of course, afterwards you feel revitalized and ready for some real work.

That is all.

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