More caricature preparation (conclusion of B-series)

26 Sep

These are the last two sketches in my B-series of preparatory drawings for caricature drawing. The outlines are done with a thin Faber-Castell PITT artist brush pen and the coloring is done with Copic markers on copier paper, using a sheet of paper underneath to capture any of the bleed-through marker fluid.

More caricature prep, part 11 (version 14) More caricature prep, part 11 (version 15

You can clearly see I’m still struggling with the coloring. I guess I have to be doing this for many years before I can put the colors down with any perceived confidence. Yeah, that’s a nice way of putting it. I won’t say it in a straight manner, because that would be too self-deprecating and hurt my artistic soul.

While I see benefit in foregoing the drafting part of a drawing, namely that you are forced to work fast and be confident, I also see disadvantages, namely that you can become sloppy and prefer producing effects instead of doing some solid drawing.

I see I’ll have to do some serious practice with pencil drawing, perhaps even take the blue pencil route, because the direct method doesn’t really seem to work for me. I’m too concerned about messing it up. I guess that’s fine if you do it, say, once a week, but doing it every day just kills the art, at least, my art.

So I’ll take one step back, hopefully to take two steps forward once I’ve figured out this drawing-humans and having a fine-tuned feeling for proportions thing.

Back to the drawing board it is.

That is all.

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