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More caricature drawing preparation, part 13

27 Sep

Another drawing from imagination, that started as a pencil sketch, was inked and colored on drawing paper.

More caricature prep, part 13

That is all.

Jim Lujan caricature, part 2

27 Sep

A week after Jim Lujan turned 40, I decided to have another go at his caricature (this first one is described in this blog post). Meanwhile I have learned something about drawing caricatures, and now have Copic markers to color a black and white drawing.

Jim Lujan caricature, part 2

The black and white drawing is much better than the first version, probably because I have drawn so much this week, but also because I’ve seen Jim Lujan on video a few times.

The coloring is a bit of a disappointment. For some reason there are “dry marks” in the lighter parts. I should try to find out why that is. Copic markers are supposed to dry quickly, but perhaps I should have waited longer between applying new layers of color. And I went outside the lines. Luckily I could correct that digitally.

So this caricature of Jim Lujan is a huge improvement over my earlier version, but still lots of things remain to be improved. I guess that is a good thing, because once you know everything and are able to do anything, what’s the point of pursuing new things? You see, I’m driven by the things I don’t know or can’t do. Getting there is half the fun.

That is all.