We love the Art and Story Podcast

1 Oct

Some fan art for one of my favorite podcasts.

We love the Art and Story podcast

I think the Art & Story podcast is the best podcast for people who want to make their own comics. Hosts Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph are two professional published comic book creators, who also self-publish. Jerzy is very energized, while Mark is more laid back. This contrast in character is very entertaining, while you actually learn something from the conversation between these two experienced artists. That is probably because both Mark and Jerzy teach comics in schools and community centers, so they know how to bring it to people who are new to comics creation. They teach you how to tell stories using images and text. The subjects may be comic nerdy at times, but it is never boring. Occasionally, Mark and Jerzy have a studio guest or a guest on Skype, someone who knows more about comics or related subjects than the hosts.

Because this podcast isn’t about the latest news in mainstream comics, the episodes have a much longer shell life than your average podcast about comics. You really should go back into the archives, or if you want to know something particular, use the search function on the website. It is very likely the subject has been discussed in one of the earlier episodes. And if not, feel free to contact Jerzy or Mark. See the website for contact details.

That is all.

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