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Exploring the form

3 Oct

There are basically two ways to draw, from the inside out and from the outside in. The first is construction based on anatomy (what’s underneath the visible). The second is drawing based on observations. Both are needed to render a convincing drawing.

wolves, part 5

This drawing clearly shows I have not yet mastered any of these methods for the wolf. I’m getting closer, but it goes in stages. I’m sure a convincing drawing of a wolf takes months of study, if not years.

It simply means I have nothing to present as a drawing at this moment. I’m trotting along, hoping for a break-through at some point. I’ll keep you posted of my progress, though.

That is all.


Drawing a dog skeleton, part 2

3 Oct

So after a night’s sleep I tried two more sketches of a dog skeleton, based on an illustration of J.C. Amberlyn. I think each version was better than the previous, and I get a better feel for how the bones interconnect into a skeleton and why they are shaped as they are. The sketches are still very off-model, though.

Dog skeleton, part 2
Dog skeleton, part 3

To avoid focusing too much on a single illustration, I looked for online photo references. By watching the video podcast Tekzilla Daily Tip 454 I came across a new Google Labs feature called Google Similar Images. It is similar to Google Images search, which the difference that you can look for images that are visually very similar.

Of course, I can’t share those images here (most are fully copyrighted), but I can share the artist’s impression of those images. For me it’s just another way to improve my drawing skills.

I hope this search tip will help you as well.

That is all.