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More form exploration

4 Oct

Drawing can be dark art, meaning that sometimes you don’t exactly knowing what you are doing. If I try to understand it and act upon that supposed understanding, I tend to fail. It’s when I’m not really thinking about it, when I’m getting into the “zone” without really noticing that I’m in it. The feeling comes afterwards when I realize what I’ve just done.

Wolves, part 6

And for me, personally, the direct approach never seems to work. I get bored easily. It is the indirect, unstructured approach, never sure if I’m getting there, what seems to work best for me.

By the way, the wolf is much better drawn, but it is still not good enough. It isn’t like I haven’t been practicing my anatomy or didn’t try several drawing examples in tutorials. It is just that I don’t yet have a clear mental picture of the wolf. I need to practice more to grasp this form. Progression seems painfully slow at the moment.

That is all.