D’oh – Why creative individuals don’t share

17 Oct

Listening to the Art & Story Extreme!! podcast of last Friday, appropriately called Friday! with Jerzy Drozd and guest host Sara Turner I both heard that Jerzy is reading my posts (yay!) and the main reason why creative individuals are having a hard time to share. How could I have forgotten this? Brain freeze? Luckily, there are always others to help me get rid of ideas that not completely match reality.

Most (if not all) people don’t know how they create ideas in the first place. Creativity isn’t something you think. There is a logic to it, but it is not the logic of reason. It is the logic of loose association. It’s seems this part of the brain has only few connections to the part that does the speech. This means it is hard to describe how you actually come up with ideas while they form in your mind. You would need special equipment and a team of specialists to measure the processes going on in the brain.

Even so, there is some connection. This means it is possible to start the creative process consciously, and more importantly, to stop it.

Why is stopping important? Well, once the brain has done something creative, it is hard to recreate the exact same experience. If you’re not recording your creative ramblings as they happen, e.g. by drawing or writing, the effort is lost. Being creative without using it is a big waste, especially if you know that you can only be creative during the day for a certain time. Remember that coming up with new ideas is hard, so use your creative juices wisely. In short: if you’re not creating, don’t think about creating. Go do something uncreative, like watching television (*note).

I also have read and heard several strategies how to start the creative process. There isn’t a switch to turn creativity on (at least, not one I know of), but you can bring yourself into a state of creativity with certain rituals and exercises.

This requires another blog post I haven’t written yet. It requires more preparation than the straight brain dump you’re reading right now.

That is all.

(*note): There seems to be an actual use for soap operas on television. The bad acting and easy-to-follow plots make it easy to turn off your brain and relax. If you want to be focused, don’t forget to relax. The more relaxed you are, the more focused you can be when it matters.


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  1. Jose Gonzalez October 17, 2009 at 1:50 pm #

    You are getting somewhere there.
    Its like a wave of activity…. like surfing, you have to wait for the good wave to come, you ride it, and its gone. Then you lull until the next one appears. Once you are home, after a change in activity, you remember the good waves, and your brain can enhance the images you remember, so much, you could take a memory photo that would rock!
    Probably the same reason you get flashes of ideas and creativity when you take a break, a shower, or something mundane and routine for your brain… like you said, a stale soap opera LOL!
    Good post!

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