Rebootus Maximus reader appreciation

20 Oct

I’m elated having received the comic book Rebootus Maximus, written, drawn and published by Krishna Sadasivam out of Tampa (FL), USA. It is a comic book for tech enthusiasts, or geeks as we like to refer to ourselves.

The book is chock-full of stand alone and serialized comic strips that have been published over the years (since 1998) on the Web. Not only that, but it contains sketches and notes by the artist, so you can relive part of the creation process. You can clearly see that Krishna loves making this comic. This look behind the scenes is rare for comic books. It is a bit like the well-produced commentaries you get with a special DVD set nowadays, which add value to the viewing experience, more so than if it was just the feature on one disc.

The strip is available on the website. So why would you buy the comic book? Well, first, to support the artist. Making comics is a lot of work and bills have to be paid. But even if you’re not into supporting content creators, second, having a handy book with all kinds of nice touches as a bonus is a priceless possession.

I read Rebootus Maximus…

When I pet my cat
When I pet my cat

When I'm on the can
When I’m on the can

While I'm running
While I’m running

Before I go to sleep
Before I go to sleep

Still not convinced? Well, how about recognition? How many people recognize you as the geek you are? I mean really appreciate the things you appreciate? You get the tech support calls from your friends and family, but they don’t really understand your passion for technology. Krishna, being a geek himself, does, and he expresses it in comics form. Comics which make you laugh, because he has been in the same painful situations you have been.

Anyway, a book still works in those places where you’re not connected to the Internet. So even when your connection goes down, you can still enjoy your geekery, by reading Rebootus Maximus.

That is all.

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