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Beardus Maximus fan art, day 20

25 Oct

Yes, even a giraffe can support the Beardus Maximus project.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 20

This fan art was made to support the comic book Rebootus Maximus, and to save a beard. Want to know what that beard saving is all about? Read Beardus Maximus on the PC Weenies blog.

That is all.


25 Oct

The frogman has a Tumblr blog where he shows his skills as an electronic painter. Here is an example.


This inspired me so much, that I wrote this e-mail message to him. I was so awed by his obvious talent, that I used a very formal tone in my e-mail.

Dear sir,

It has come to me attention that you take art requests for display in your excellent gallery on the Information Superhighway. Since I value your skills as a Microsoft Paint digital artist (based on the current exposé of artworks), I would like to put a request to your attention of producing a similar work of art for the coming festive season, and in particular the Hallowed Evening, also referred to by commoner as “Halloween”.

My suggestion for such an undertaking would be to depict a scene where a sorceress, possessing a malformed body (also referred to as a “witch”), is stabbed in the heart by a young innocent child. Both child and adult have to be fully clothed and there should be no connotations to procreation. Although the title of your electronic gallery suggests sexual acts, I would like to distance myself from such vulgar language and its implications.

As I understand it, you request no fees for commissioned works.

Having written that, I salute you and your hifalutin endeavors with such a distinguished software package, published by one of the most well-known software houses in the world, i.e. Microsoft.

Anticipating the timely release of the commissioned work in your electronic gallery,
Truthfully Yours,

A customer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Now I can only hope that he is so enthused by my e-mail that he start painting right away and posts the file on his tumblr blog.

That is all.

Barack Obama Capitol

25 Oct

Barack Obama Capitol

Originally uploaded by iamchrisclanton

I found this photo of Barack Obama on Flickr and decided to see if I could fit Obama into circles (ellipses) and into squares (rectangles). A drawing experiment, in other words.

From studying Bridgman I know that the human face is a combination of rectangular and elliptical shapes, merged into a whole. If you want to entangle that whole, one option is to only use rectangles or only use ellipses.

Using rectangles gives a sturdy look to a face, or perhaps an etch a sketch look, like the Professor in the Power Puff Girls animated cartoon series. It is of course the lower jaw in men that so reminds us of a rectangle (although it has some round properties as well).

The idea is to learn to see the overall shapes in things around you (“things” in the broadest sense, people can be things as well, if you think of your world in a certain way), to avoid seeing things as objects with meaning, but rather to see things around you as objects with shape. You can’t draw meaning, but you can draw shape.

Without becoming too philosophical, learning to see patterns and make them conscious (we human see patterns without realizing), adjust those patterns to our artistic needs, is a key element of expression for the visual artist.

Having cleared the space of a div container (inside joke for website designers), I can present you with my first attempt of an “etch a sketch President”.

Etch a sketch president

To draw the rounded version of the President, I relaxed the rules a bit. Instead of pure ellipses, I opted for rounded lines. Art is always the artistic conflict of setting strict rules and then, consequently not following those rules. Your initial assumptions are often not the best, or the most appropriate for what you want. Your eyes don’t lie, but your interpreting mind may. The artist has to catch those lies and half-truths, by redrawing the same object from another perspective and see if it matches the earlier assumptions about form and shape. That is the power of using different techniques or approaches. Even if the subject doesn’t change (as with a reference photo), your way of looking at it does, and in doing so, you might learn something.

Egghead President

The proportions are a bit off, but remember that it’s just a first attempt, something to work from, and improve upon.

I hope you’ve learned something, and if not, at least had fun reading the blog post. If even not that, why are you still reading this?

That is all.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 19

25 Oct

This comics page was made as an appreciation of the comic book Rebootus Maximus by Krishna Sadasivam, and to save a beard. A beard you say? Yes, read this blog post to find out what that is all about.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 19

If you must know, this page took me approximately eight hours to make, excluding the preparations, like sketching Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. It is hand-drawn on paper and digitally colored.

That is all.