25 Oct

The frogman has a Tumblr blog where he shows his skills as an electronic painter. Here is an example.


This inspired me so much, that I wrote this e-mail message to him. I was so awed by his obvious talent, that I used a very formal tone in my e-mail.

Dear sir,

It has come to me attention that you take art requests for display in your excellent gallery on the Information Superhighway. Since I value your skills as a Microsoft Paint digital artist (based on the current exposé of artworks), I would like to put a request to your attention of producing a similar work of art for the coming festive season, and in particular the Hallowed Evening, also referred to by commoner as “Halloween”.

My suggestion for such an undertaking would be to depict a scene where a sorceress, possessing a malformed body (also referred to as a “witch”), is stabbed in the heart by a young innocent child. Both child and adult have to be fully clothed and there should be no connotations to procreation. Although the title of your electronic gallery suggests sexual acts, I would like to distance myself from such vulgar language and its implications.

As I understand it, you request no fees for commissioned works.

Having written that, I salute you and your hifalutin endeavors with such a distinguished software package, published by one of the most well-known software houses in the world, i.e. Microsoft.

Anticipating the timely release of the commissioned work in your electronic gallery,
Truthfully Yours,

A customer who wishes to remain anonymous.

Now I can only hope that he is so enthused by my e-mail that he start painting right away and posts the file on his tumblr blog.

That is all.

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