Otto Butterfingers

27 Oct

This is Otto Butterfingers.

Otto Butterfinger

And this is his car.

Otto Butterfingers' car

It drives on the painted heads of some of the unfortunate people he happened to cross his path with.

“Sorry!” says Otto, after he clumsily bumps into another poor soul. Their tortured faces are burnt in his mind. That those same faces are painted on the wheels of his car does not particularly help him to forget them.

The car has two different number plates. On the front it states: “TAKE-CA-RE” and on the back: “SO-RRY”. The plates are custom-made. Otto had them removed several times when ordered to do so by the highway patrol officer. That is the only reason why the faces change over time. The repair man in the garage is an artist, you know, and he paints the sides of wheels.

Yes, Otto has had his fair share of bad luck in his life and doesn’t seem to mind so much anymore to share his misfortune with others.

Only Otto wonders why it is the painterly auto repair man knows what Otto’s victims look like? Or maybe it’s just Otto’s imagination. The idea that his misfortune was elaborately staged by the artist as an excuse to paint the sides of his car’s wheels seemed preposterous. Who would do such a thing? No, Otto was just someone who attracts ill fate.

That is all.

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