Drawing cars, version 0.0.1

29 Oct

Drawing cars is very different from drawing humans. The proportions are quite different and if you don’t own a car, and don’t care about cars, you’ve probably never had a good look at a car.

Drawing cars, version 0.0.1This is my first, very naive version of a Dodge Stratus, the first example from the book “Draw Cars” by Doug DuBosque. It is because DuBosque’s tutorial is so easy to follow that the drawing actually resembles a car.

Nevertheless, it is too short. Obviously, measuring the distance between the wheels in the number of wheel diameters is key.

I’m excited about this, because it forces me to draw with more precision. I tend to judge proportions badly, while I believe that is one of the most important parts of setting up a sketch. My hope is that drawing cars will improve my skills and help me to draw humans with more refinement than I currently do.

That is all.

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