I’m here to make you look cool! – part 3

4 Nov

I'm here to make you look cool, part 3

This one was a tough. I had to use a Pentel blue lead in my mechanical pencil to pencil this one out and I guess there are plenty of mistakes I forgot to correct in a quick editing pass before inking.

The idea was prompted by the fact that some people think too long about their comic, and it becomes all stiff and formal. Presumably mainstream American comics is to blame for this, because in that art form, story has become the underdog and it’s all about stunning art. No roughs are allowed by editors, only top-notch artwork.

But sometimes just blurting out a comic is the best you can do, because it’s fresh and rough. That won’t do for a multi-million dollar company with shareholders, of course, but a lone cartoonist can still get away with it.

Oh, in case you were wondering why the comic is on its side, that is a limitation I have with WordPress.com. It forces a 450 pixel wide image size on you. If you want to change that, you have to pay a monthly fee to unlock the style sheet editing feature. You can either turn your head, turn the monitor (or laptop screen), or print it out (go to the largest size on Flickr, download the image, and print it) and read it in the correct position.

That is all.

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