Beardus Maximus fan art, day 32

6 Nov

The whole day I have been slaving, seemingly in vain, on drawing this kangaroo. It was prompted by a slip of the tongue of Steve Gibson in Security Now 221 (The Elephant in Your Browser), who said Rooboot instead of Reboot. I thought it was funny enough to use in fan art for Beardus Maximus.

Beardus Maximus fan art, day 32

I made this drawing in an effort to support the sale of the trade paper back comic book of the web comic PC Weenies. The comic book is called Rebootus Maximus (or should I write Roobootus Maximus?). The comic is about the former systems administrator, then Windows Guru at Bogus Buy (pun on Best Buy) and now employee at Footle (pun on Google) Bob Weiner and his family.

The hard part about drawing the kangaroo from instruction was understanding the text in the book The Art of Animal Drawing by Ken Hultgren, that described what to pay attention to when drawing kangaroos.


The rib cage is small, and the forelegs hang, rodent-like. Head and ears are similar to that of the deer. The tail is long and pointed and quite full at the base where it is attached to the body. The tail is very important to kangaroos, since they use it as rudder and to help support their weight. Because of its prominence, it will give you a strong line of action, and add sweep to your drawing.

The term “line of action” made no sense to me. What in blazes is that? I tried Googling it, reading in the same book about it. Nothing made ring a bell in me. I’ve spend hours, doodling, sketching, pondering, and still nothing.

Frustrated, and knowing that I had at least try to draw a kangaroo, I tried, and … bam, there it was. Apparently I had understood the concept of action lines. But… I still can’t explain it to you.

Maybe that is the whole point. It is some mysterious term, which is meant to keep you thinking about how to draw your subject, without grasping the meaning of the term you’re supposed to use while drawing. It is the effort of trying to understand which is important, not that you actually understand it, or think you do.

Because you can’t, it’s magic.

In my opinion it does not exist, but it still has an effect on you. If that isn’t a good definition of magic, I don’t know what is. There are more things that don’t exist, but have an effect on us. How about the number zero? If zero things of something exist, it does not exist. Magic!

That is all.

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